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Our gamification platform inspires engagement by making work fun again. Your team will participate in weekly leaderboards, earn trophies, and redeem points for real incentives.

Your agents will receive a custom Report Card every week that shows them exactly where they stand, how they got there, and where their focus should be.

Make sure every group is recognized and shout out to all kinds of different accolades. AgentPRO comes with trophies that automatically recognize your top agents, your best new agent, the most improved, and many other areas that don't only leave the focus on the very top.

Your customers feel the difference when speaking to an agent in an energetic and rewarding environment. Pump energy back into your center and your customers will respond with better CSAT and NPS scores.

Have your teams compete with each other every day. Supervisor vs. Supervisor or Center vs. Center; competition and teamwork are a winning combination.

Automatically identify where your agents are struggling and get them the help they need. AgentPRO will show them the direction to improve their performance and earn incentives.

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Reward your agents the way they want to be rewarded.

Automate Engagement

Our gamification platform forces engagement and competition to the forefront.

Real Rewards

With AgentPRO employees are rewarded for meeting and exceeding relative key performance indicators with incentive points that are calculated with real data and standardized formulas.

The standard incentive redemption option is an Amazon Gift Card.  When an agent is ready to redeem their points, the system shows the total dollar value and provides a coupon code for redemption.

A variety of AgentPRO store options are available including fund raising for charities, big screen TVs, trips or any other incentive of choice.

Activity Feed

AgentPRO Gamification builds a strong, interactive, social community.  As employees win trophies and achieve performance goals, the accomplishments are updated in the real-time Activity Feed.

Long term gamification success is about recognition and celebration.  AgentPRO’s social feed provides the positive energy and competitive environment as employees see how they and their peers are performing.

Automated Reporting

The most important activity a supervisor performs in a call center is coach and motivate their team members.   AgentPRO’s consultant–grade reporting is automated and available on demand.

AgentPRO provides the data so supervisors spend time doing what matters most.



AgentPRO integrates data from all key agent performance systems such as Workforce Management and switch data.  This information combined with QA, coaching and other ingested data points provides an automated reporting platform that feeds the performance dashboard.

The flexibility and power of AgentPRO enables your contact center to be a well-oiled machine.

Measure your ROI on Incentive Dollars

Custom Formulas | Spiff Incentives | Automated Dashboards

AgentPRO has automated reporting to measure your return on every dollar spent on incentives.  Your team might always be putting more money into the incentive budget, but how effective is that spend?  How do those incentives affect new hires vs. veterans?  Does the current spiff take focus off of your other important metrics? Automatically answer these questions on an ongoing basis with AgentPRO.